Curaloe Hydra Cleansing Gel

Rs. 1,850
Only available at: Good Earth & Nicobar

Curaloe Hydra Cleansing Gel

A lightweight cleansing gel formulated specifically for delicate facial skin. The gel cleanses and removes dirt without stripping your skin of its natural oil or moisture, keeping it fresh and supple. Ideally used after the Hydra Vitalising Tonic.

Aloe Vera 69%, Coco-Glucoside, Rosemary
Suitable for all skin types

Cleansing I Hydrating I Anti bacterial

Apply a sufficient amount of product to your clean hands, emulsify with warm water and apply over face and neck.

Use twice a day: morning and evening. Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, heat and moisture. External application only. Keep out of the reach of Children. Do not get any product in the eyes. Use Curaloe Gentle Eye Make-up remover to remove makeup on the eye and lashes.

• Paraben • Sulphate • Mineral Oils • Silicon • Phalates • Polyethylene • Animal Derivatives

At Curaloe we only use pure Aloe Vera from our own source,


Better for nature, better for you!

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