Made from organically grown, hand-picked Aloe Vera and merged with natural botanicals, the Curaloe Premium wellness and skin care range carries the very essence of Nature in a bottle.

From our own local organic farm with over a million plants that grow under clean, sunny skies to state-of-the-art labs backed by European engineering, every milestone of the journey is carried out with utmost care.

Each leaf is carefully selected, harvested, and transported to our onsite facility and processed in two hours. By using sophisticated Dutch machinery and high-quality control measures, we ensure our products are as high in Aloe Vera content as is humanly possible. This quick action allows for the freshest, most potent Aloe Vera possible.

We use our Organically Certified concentrated Aloe Vera in all our skin care products so that you get the most natural and effective products on the market. We have done our utmost to ensure that we obtain all necessary certifications to show our clients that we can vouch for our products that are recognised by institutions in the EU, UK, Africa, Asia, and USA.

Our Premium skin care range contains high levels of Aloe Vera’s active ingredients for quicker, more visible results. Incredible raw materials such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, peptides and polysaccharides that come from the plants create a synergy for optimal results.

Each product has a superior sensorial feel, high absorption, moisturising, and healing ability that deeply enhances the best quality of your skin. After all, it’s Mother Nature doing her best, working towards having your natural essence shine through ever so brightly.

We believe in the power of Nature and all its gifts like we believe in the natural essence of humanity and its beauty.

Be Beautiful. Be Natural.